Video website profit hero or advertising 3G profit prospects

      as if overnight, China’s video site suddenly blowout.

      2006 is called "the first year of Chinese video". Numerous video sites, like for their courage, are known to have VC investment, which more than tens of millions of dollars, a few hundred million yuan. However, this is only a flash in the pan. Because there is no clear profit model, most of them have not so far to VC’s second investment.

      spend money on Internet users to see ads read more

Guo Jie see the network classified information network you can number 10 million

      1000vc blood transfusion relying on again closed, two degrees for opened, Chen Yizhou has high hopes, personnel, publicity, funds have strong support, although behind the 10 million VC, but the status quo but classified information is the bubble (Chen Yizhou), and then led to two degree opening lasted only half a year.

    10 million VC to classification information, but when the VC 10 million dropped to a certain extent, there is still no income (profit model), 1000 oak (’s parent company) immediately withdraw, withdraw faster than anyone else.

    there will be an elite grassroots, for the grassroots, the grassroots classification of information networks for the operation, the 10 million VC is an unreachable concept of numbers. There is no VC transfusion, classified information network in order to survive and develop, to the reality of compromise, is a must, read more

Baidu bid effect is getting worse, money, money

Baidu bid effect is getting worse, money, money

A, Overlord policy, forcing customers to participate in bidding

two, there is an obvious loophole, customer service competitors stealing money, money

1, customer service background, has the right to modify. For example, add, delete keywords, through the audit, modify the price, modify the various options (Intelligent horse, automatic bidding). Customer > read more

The 09 year old webmaster recommended five Wangzhuan project

now I have to make money project for everyone to write a good soft Wen, want to make money, the first thing we must do is to pay, (investment, spirit, hard struggle, have certain will be important, is the head of pay, others do not come up with ideas you will succeed, 70%) want to pay for success, this is behoove, some people tired day and night for a spell, these people have to do Wangzhuan also set a goal for his plan to do within the time specified in the.

get a lot of money, as long as you want out, promising is a good project, now I say I do stand up to now, hear, see a good project, it is generally do they rely on advertising to make money, I know there are many rely on advertising to make money long, some day in hundreds of thousands of others, and some are working in. read more

Yelp co-founder Entrepreneurial inspiration from Xunyi process

in March this year, Yelp successfully listed on the NYSE

"the Wall Street journal" in the United States this week to review site Yelp founder Jeremy Pullman Stowe combined with · (Jeremy Stoppelman) of the interview. Stowe Pullman revealed the creation of Yelp, how to increase revenue, and how to help businesses will be poor into a better customer service.

founded Yelp, Tito Pullman or Harvard Business School students. He happened to catch the flu when he was looking for promising ideas. In the search process, he found the opportunity, then set up Yelp. MRL Vc firm provided him with $1 million in funding, he and former PayPal colleagues Las · Simmons (Russ Simmons) launched the site in October 2004. read more

LIAN and Google may invest $20 million thunder


technology news in December 15th, in the establishment of security alliance conference and download Kingsoft, Qihoo, Kabasiji, thunder CEO Zou Shenglong said 2 weeks will announce the news of financing. Earlier there were reports that Google (Google) and venture capital institutions will jointly invest LIAN thunder thunder. Unconfirmed news that Google and LIAN may have invested $5 million and $15 million.

The earliest

thunder angel investor Zhou Honghui day also appeared in the thunder’s conference, and he has cash back from the thunder
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Yiqifa percentage of love to the valley classification Commission


      Hello everyone! Thank you for the main site of friends love Valley for the care and support since October 17, 2007, for love to valley percentage classification commission.      

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Analysis Ali, Tencent, 360 of Internet competition, entrepreneurs, companies how to face the Interne

Internet industry is always extraordinary, in the face of this year’s Tencent, 360, Ali and Baidu compete in the Internet, we will undoubtedly find. The development of competitive pattern. After all, the Internet is a big fish eat small fish era. Big fish competition era.

First we talk about the

360 and the

commercial Tencent

360 said Tencent is doing a market in the Internet entrepreneurs to stifle the dream, because he is constantly doing projects. After all, these projects in the erosion of the Internet market, which led to an unfair competition pattern into the era, and many of the entrepreneurs may have a dream because of the development process, and even some improvement. Lead to market loss. Why is the law of the jungle era?? large enterprises use their own advantage of bundled forms of market expansion, stifle the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, which have a lesson. read more

Netscape founder ItsOn $15 million investment in the company must exist

is a well-known Silicon Valley investor Mark · Anderson (Tencent technology plan)

foreign media recently published article said that Netscape co-founder, a well-known Silicon Valley investor Mark · Anderson has led to the mobile software developer ItsOn has invested 15 million 500 thousand dollars, he was optimistic about the founding team of the company, and that the company must exist, the reason is that the mobile business "free for all" era has come to an end, and ItsOn is trying to take a creative approach to make the mobile network have become profitable and can be maintained, but also for consumers to maintain a fair price. read more

My Baidu union money notes

I’m from 06 years in July came into contact with the network, 07 years before May, has been chipping away, then part-time play, 07 years in May, the development of a station, a few months later, IP soared to about one hundred thousand, Baidu every day brought me close to fifty thousand IP, at that time, I very grateful for it, so I went to the Baidu alliance, plaster full of Baidu alliance to the station. And about a dozen locations, but only on a Google ad, ha ha. But the income gap, you can use a hundred times (at least 400 times) to come up with the description, the following is the site of the peak of the Baidu union screenshot, read more

Robin Li share entrepreneurial experience deciphering the seven elements of entrepreneurial success

today’s young entrepreneurs are likely to be successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and in order to achieve success but not everyone can achieve on the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial process in addition to their own perseverance and some other factors, but also to grasp entrepreneurial skills, learn business methods. Robin Li, the richest man in mainland China’s successful entrepreneurial experience, on the road to go on a friend, there will be some inspiration.

Robin Li graduated from Peking University in 1991, and then went to the United States to complete a master’s degree in computer science. read more

Leader fashion leader on the line! Surprise oh!

the payment standard: buy 8% of sales commission. The data transmission mechanism:
– return real-time settlement:

1) April League members sales of more than 10000 yuan of union members, the top three are: bonus 888 yuan, 777 yuan, 666 yuan. (according to more than 10000 yuan in sales ranking bonuses)
2) monthly sales of more than or equal to the union membership bonus of 5000 yuan to 300 yuan (limited number)
3) monthly sales of more than or equal to the union membership bonus of 3000 yuan to 200 yuan (limited number)
4) monthly sales of more than or equal to union membership bonus of 1000 yuan to 50 yuan (limited number) read more

The value of Internet entrepreneurship service providers start to help entrepreneurs

if you are in Beijing into the Zhongguancun 3W coffee now, may not hear about the business plan debauch, but the discussion mode and product updates, do not see the ideal setting for a couple in love lover, resolute face but a business partner. In the new round of Internet business tide comes, similar scenes in a growing number of venture coffee shops, investment and financing institutions and entrepreneurship Park, these institutions are collectively referred to as entrepreneurial service agencies. read more

The consumer downturn fell online advertising market in the United States

"Wall Street daily" network edition today cut the article said, according to a market research firm comScore released this week on the search advertising research report shows that the Internet advertising market by consumer spending to reduce the impact of the more serious than expected.

Google and YAHOO both fell

this research report shows that in January this year, Google search ad clicks fell, which amplifies the current recession in the United States has a negative impact on the Internet worries. But many online advertising professionals but this bearish fears, that advertising consumer spending is shifting from traditional media to the Internet, any economic recession will be offset by the transfer. Google CEO Eric – (Eric), in January 31st, the company announced in the fourth quarter of last year, when the earnings report, said the company did not see any impact on the economy of its impact on the Schmidt. But some investors and analysts have been raising concerns in recent months that the weakness in consumer spending will hurt online advertising. read more

99 online bookstores spring rebate doubled to 15%!

dear affiliate member:

99 online bookstores spring family returns since 2008 01 months 30 days 12:00, 99 in the online bookstore shopping rebate doubled to 15%, the activities of the closing date in 2008 02 months 13 days 24:00, more shopping, more affordable, quick action!

(Note: the actual running time of the commission rate for 2008-1-30 12:00 in January 30th, 12:00-24:00 data will be temporarily according to the original standard 6% records, to end check results, the data will be during the period, according to the proportion of 15%. Please rest assured. read more

What do I earn

07 year, someone let me learn web. At the beginning of 08, don’t cheat n times finally buy a domain name on a web site. In early 08 -08 in the middle of the year, I was doing Google Adsense Ali mother, GG did not get a penny, Ali mother got hundreds of quick money. By the end of 08, I graduated, the server stopped, the site closed, the heart is cold. Up to now, graduated from the University, the economic crisis, the work can not be found, the site can not be maintained, he was late. The new year, go home. After the end of the year to continue to go back to work hard! read more

Higher my life’s second fortune

just came into contact with the network is in the third year, the real access to the Internet after high school, there was a period of time once addicted to the Internet, academic performance has been good! This is mom and dad have been very worried about, ah, after all, my generation family farm for a living, no source of income, is not easy a father of the importance of knowledge, determined to make a child to adult, every day facing loess back into the air, three meals a day is not willing to eat their own homely fare, not willing to wear their own just several of our brothers and sisters to school (tears…. .)! The teacher urged tuition he personally go to the teacher for meals, not to their own dignity and down to borrow, occasionally have a heavy cold only know how to buy the cheapest Banlangen to flush the boiling water to drink, never never say what to buy things for themselves (cry T_T). Our best! The wish is to meet his father’s wish, the university entrance exam read more

Report 63 illegal government website to the MII (9 new)

2006.12.03 note: Today added 9 illegal sites, in the end of the directory. 9 sites are mainly around the Internet association and communications authority, the website from the China Internet Association website link:

these should be the coordination and management of Internet filing matters Department has himself violated the MII thirty-third orders, so fantastic.

in addition, there are two record number China Internet Association Web site at the bottom, which are "Beijing ICP No. 363", "Beijing ICP No. 05006316, before a record number no link, do not check the record information, after a link can be found in the record information. China Internet association website:


1, legal documents: read more

One year Wangzhuan incessantly left with nothing whatsoever but unwilling to give up

has been engaged in the work of the software industry, network research is relatively small. 09 years, I can’t feel so waste your youth, decided to choose an industry to study, election to election, the final selection of wangzhuan. The reason is simple – only the industry I have the most familiar with the technical basis.

09 years in May to buy the first space database and domain name, and spent more than and 400 to buy a set of development comprehensive portal place is perfect (I know that piracy is very cheap, just as a developer, I want to respect another developer labor). After a simple modification, three days after the start of the operation. read more