The explosion of the circle of friends the topic of public enterprises haze of the brush how to borr

Abstract: we often hear a word called "pain points", which is related to the interests of the face skin, and every company and every single person has the people’s psychological pain of cutting one’s body haze, always go, more prone to concern for action, enterprises should seize the opportunity to voice?

outside the 818 burst table, into the building to more than and 300, the office open four purifiers PM2.5 actually have 120! "A yellow warning of heavy pollution in Beijing last week for a week in the air, one morning last week, pregnant female colleagues wearing masks scarf armed, handheld micro air detector pacing into the office, took 7 months pregnant screamed and said. read more

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I have four on medical business to take the traditional condemnation of the view

author /Dr.2 Zhenli Film Corporation chairman

The birth of the prototype of the

library was in early 2012, when I was studying in Switzerland, my computer and iPad, accumulated 6 months of clinical data lost. After being hit hard, I called my wife to let her sink five hundred thousand, began to prepare to do this app. My heart is: for clinical research cases, good can be sorted out, the rules can be set up after the others can help two finishing, work breakdown, teamwork and preservation of multimedia data. Therefore, the case tool is a core, especially suitable for Department of Dermatology, plastic surgery, Department of orthopedics, ophthalmology as the representative of the "morphology" section. But the simple case tools, academic literature and guide path are some of the low frequency applications, most doctors do not love learning to engage in scientific research. read more

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How to make high quality web links

from the simple part, search engines are basically to determine the layout of your important station from your LINK, and the weight of the external connection is large and the interactive web site, often have recognized the first search engine.

how to make the quality of the external connection as well as the spread of the external nature of this? I have two simple claims, the first is to find some of the larger sites to exchange links. This station if you haven’t reached a certain component estimation is more difficult to achieve, then the second is to write articles, let BLOG websites or other individuals are reproduced, or buy some good web site as a connection mode to reach! SEO and its technical content is not high, it is also is not technology, but a strategic rule means, in addition to their own web page optimization outside. External connection as well as the local internal connection is also an important process step. If your site has a lot of quality of the external connection, then you can say that your SEO optimization can be achieved step by step more important related work. Can also achieve the search engine on your site weight recognition. read more

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A5 financing briefing network media, Lin Qi, direct financing for ten million GET

1 straight


investors: individuals and strategies related to the two companies

investment amount: 20 million yuan

recently, factory direct selling platform network has just completed the angel round of financing, the amount of 20 million yuan investment, including two companies, relevant personal and strategic details, at present did not disclose the specific. According to the direct network founder Tan Hua introduction, this round of financing, will be mainly used for more factory access and distribution teams build two. read more

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Money! Startups are most afraid of the lack of money to teach you the 4 correct money posture!

for the first time to start a friend, you only have a chance to succeed. If your principal in the water before the water will be in trouble, no matter how hard it will be difficult.

how does a registered company save money?

to open the company to rent the venue, if five dollars a square meter, then the company opened the venue in Beijing was 100 thousand and 8 months. Personnel and finance are required to be at least 50 thousand per person per year, which add up to a total of 200 thousand, that is, at least you need to be able to feed these people with 1 million water. read more

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Total number of domain names in China 16 million 820 thousand

Admin5 webmaster network January 13th afternoon news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released today in Beijing, the twenty-third China Internet development statistics report. The report shows that as of the end of 2008, China’s total reached 16826198 domain names, representing an increase of 41% in 2007, still maintained a rapid growth trend.

CNNIC believes that the growth of China’s domain name, the main benefit from the growth of the country’s top domain name.CN. In 2001 China national top-level domain.CN share in the China is only about 16%, after several years of development, to 2006,.CN’s market share has reached 43.9%, but is still lagging behind the category of top-level domain.COM (then Chinese domain 47.2% of the market share). read more

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The 315 occasion marketing tricks Baidu beauty group was awarded no goods confiscated 360 known


DoNews feature in March 16th (reporter An Hong) when most "PR dog" because of their own enterprises is not named after the CCTV 315 joy long Shu export, another group of PR dogs but led the team to continue to silently running in March 15th has nearly at night…… .

marketing occasion popularity of the moment, the 315 party is doomed "". Last year, the 315 party, that is, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, 360, cheetah and other companies by CCTV 3· the presence of the machine to brush the presence of the presence of the behavior of the 15 party. This year, 315 of the opportunity to market behavior is no suspense is still dominated by Internet Co battlefield. read more

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Chinese class Instagram survey business model is not clear VC wait and see

domestic mobile Internet development momentum is strong, grasp the various segments of the vane, must be able to practitioners and people involved in this field to a certain reference.

Tencent science and technology visited many struggling in the first line of entrepreneurs, launched the mobile observation series of articles, I hope as far as possible from the macro direction to investors, entrepreneurs direction.

technology Tencent reported in May 28th

Lei Jianping Zhuangao

photo sharing website Instagram application success let countless people envy, but Instagram in Chinese counterparts are not so good luck, even if the leader Meitu Xiu Xiu at the PC end users billions of dollars, a year can get tens of millions of dollars of revenue, Meitu Xiu Xiu’s value is still far less than Instagram. read more

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WeChat circle of friends cooked can do a monthly income of ten

WeChat opened a new era of mobile phone communication, it is no exaggeration to say that, with a lot of marketing personnel have the place, then from the initial fresh friends, to the advertising positions, and now still have large quantities of marketing personnel in the input energy in operation time.

In fact, most of the marketing

do WeChat know, those people said no effect is so good, and the circle of friends Shuabing caused a lot of pulled the black, how many zombie fans you should also not clear in your WeChat? Just Balabala. For so long, we have formed the antibody, and consciously formed the advertising shield mode. read more

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Jiangsu tongguanju implement the site record information authenticity verification scheme


meeting arranged the main task information site for the record authenticity verification work:

in May 21, 2010, the access service unit must complete the record filing system account name all pending verification record information data (including data submitted to the access service units to verify, change phase returned access units to modify, regular audit phase returned modified data access service units), and in May 21st, to ensure daily as early as 9 points before the completion of all the pending data verification record information submitted work. read more

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Chongqing 14 sites advertising publicity drug was screened

On the website of the illegal release of sexual goods advertising, 14 involved in the business sector was screened. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, according to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce unified deployment, the business sector will be included in the next step to clean up the focus of remediation activities.Chongqing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau related parties, the rectification is carried out according to the notice of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Central Propaganda Department, the State Council Information Office, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of supervision and other 12 ministries jointly issued. read more

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The successful replication mode of original website

is mainly combined with the three websites I do is a picture of the site there are currently about IP is a picture forum currently has about 5000 of the IP is just doing a video site currently has about


a lot of people say that website’s success is to rely on hard work and effort, but I do not deny that when the price again, we successfully run a web site after it is too large we can use our existing website to do some related, I will apply the successful website to create my other website because I was a photo site, so my website as an example to talk about the success of the web site copy, my master pictures are a bit with the watermark image website experience friends all know the picture with the watermark basic not what collection value so this site is boring let people see for those who want a friend who is certainly not right so I do the second website forum to engage in some miscellaneous chart the entire station map this profit model is packaged for sale The success of the forum’s VIP membership has reached about 150 people with advertising and download, pocket money earn each month is enough and those not profit model website other walk I agreed that the owners should not wait for raining gold by advertising is a leg is not a permanent solution besides the current advertising more and more the garbage is not to earn money we should hands are grasping with both hands. read more

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Sina micro Empire add new members to create a micro group aggregation portal

webmaster network news: March 9th, Sina officially released based on Sina’s micro-blog buy platform – micro group (, the current Sina micro-blog registered users can directly log through ID. Sina micro group based on group purchase navigation, currently encompasses most of the city, catering, entertainment, leisure pool delicacy life service, online shopping, beauty beauty boutique five aspects and other comprehensive information to Sina micro-blog group purchase, brand influence and huge traffic, brings together 30 group purchase website information, through the platform strategy, break the traditional group purchase navigation mode, to create the first group purchase aggregation portal. Users can get the information they need in the form of a subscription. read more

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Japan’s ambition $100 million in funding rebate network, to Japan cross-border dividend

in fact, Lotte into the capital rebate network, more is to Japan cross-border dividend. According to Paypal data show that in 2014 China sea Amoy consumers up to 21 million people, overseas shopping amounted to 350 billion yuan, a strong private demand prompted cross-border shopping, Ali, Jingdong, Amazon and other giants are coveted this market, the rise of ocean terminal, honey bud baby and other new business enterprise also makes overseas online shopping show the development trend of differentiation and diversification. read more

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Statistics show that the real estate industry online advertising surge

Statistical data published before the

Ai Rui show, 2007 advertising pillar industry still maintained a leading position, and maintain a rapid growth trend; traffic auto advertising has more than IT products become the network advertising costs highest in the industry, real estate network advertisement by the rapid development of the real estate economy China also showed good the growth momentum, the online advertising market overall showed a steady growth and colorful development, network advertising investment read more

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CISCO layoffs 14 thousand people the size of a record or the most in the history of 32 years

Beijing time on August 17th morning news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources, CISCO will lay off 14 thousand people, accounting for about 20% of its global workforce.

insiders said that the company may announce layoffs in the next few weeks, and has provided a pension plan for employees. The layoffs may be between 9000 and 14 thousand people, mainly because CISCO is moving from a hardware company to a software based company.

"They will need different skills to define a software – based future," said read more

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500 lottery network of magic and ordinary stimulation of adrenaline cheap feast

According to Baidu

100 reports, as long as human beings have yet to get rid of it flourishes mentality, coupled with the Internet gaming, is the most exciting adrenalin a cheap feast.

after a long period, the second half of 2013, Chinese companies listed on the United States to re open the window, but is different from the past, this batch of landing the U.S. stock market, China enterprises began to fade "technology stocks aura, limited volume at the same time, has a stable dynamic business structure of real, is their common point the. read more

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Program of advertising technology, you have to get

digital marketing era, the emergence of the program is to subvert the traditional mode of Internet advertising transactions and audience contact advertising model. More and more advertisers try to purchase through the program, in order to enhance brand awareness, improve the amount of exposure, site drainage, and other aspects of the guide to achieve substantive breakthrough. Therefore, a mature program of buying services will become more and more important! But how do we take the program this way? Driven technology is the power source to promote the development of the read more

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Today’s headlines advertising is not as bad as imagined

I was the number 23 opened today’s headlines, was trying to send a few articles, just beginning to feel the amount of reading. Until the third day of the 26 explosion caused by the "ready to start empty-handed business buddy, we should pay attention to what?" has really made me gasp. Indeed, today’s headlines recommendation engine is really very cow force. Soon, the amount of reading and fans to the shua. So, I took a burst of bursts of text, the headline number officially launched out. read more

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How to locate the brand in the visual age the visual hammer

1970s, the United States famous marketing expert Eyre · Rees wrote a book called "positioning", clearly put forward: marketing competition is a competition on the mind. Positioning theory is known as the most influential concept of American marketing, and even has a profound impact on global enterprises.

After 40 years,

Eyre · Rees’s daughter, positioning theory heir Lara · Rees published a book called "visual" the hammer, the father of the "position theory" into a more imaginative space. read more

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