Get WeChat marketing new skills between the public number of fans can chat

pig CMS social marketing concept of the original public number of fans can chat between friends

recently, pig CMS (PigCMS) of the WeChat marketing system upgrade again, WeChat public number backstage management, new customer service promotions and other convenient features.

new customer service management functions on multiple customer service personnel designated by the number of public business, get fans list, and online interactive communication with the fans, answering questions, improve the business service quality. This new function not only effectively enhance the fan activity, and let the number of public business more humane and better user experience read more

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Website construction must be based on website promotion or network marketing as a starting point

close friends say "listen to Lanzhou company executives about the adjustment of the center of gravity to the electronic commerce and the network marketing, promotion of Baidu ‘GOOGLE for all did, but the effect is not people satisfied, so I do site planning based on years of experience, and wrote this article. In fact, two years ago, when I was doing sales have found a lot of corporate website to do promotion, is to spend money to do PPC, such as Baidu.Google. According to the user’s reliance on Baidu, as well as the interactive habits, Chinese usual comprehensive, the capture the psychological, website traffic and rankings, means the website of enterprise publicity is the effect. However, from the network marketing to the point of view, it is not the best and most affordable, the most economic promotion. read more

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Web site to promote the use of electronic magazine website

website promotion way is multifarious, who is good or bad is not conclusive, the key to personal play. For example, the most simple post work, issued a famous Mou Changqing; a message but also out of the great Lu Songsong. They are famous for their inhuman execution, and it is hard for them to stick to them. Here, I would like to talk about the use of electronic magazine promotion website.

first, the advantages of electronic magazine: Super infectious and feel a sense of

electronic magazine not only carries the traditional journal information rich, exquisite picture, tentacles deeper and other characteristics, more comprehensive animation, sound, video, a variety of hyperlinks and network interaction and information transfer mode, will complete the rich reading pleasure in reading the entire package in front of. The new media has greatly enriched the network media content and presentation effect, make people’s eyes, ears, hands and brain at the same time as the information acceptor, let readers to experience a fully and delightfully reading pleasure. read more

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Cry up wine and sell vinegar clothing site pull white snake legend

this is the original author, the first Admin5, please indicate the source and author.

said the network soft creative one: cry up wine and sell vinegar.

interpretation: first to illusion, their need to promote things, expressed in another way, they seem to have no relevance, or ever had a relationship between them, to seek the micro Jiwei similarities, and then the big way, make map, with a resounding sign making, complete the effect of the soft.

this way, with the open and aboveboard vocabulary is called "the planning, speculation," surely you remember zhaodashu over the previous year. Spring pieces. Say a bit more popular, that is, with a wire wearing a few turtle eggs, you pull me also pull. Not press, we first determine what is the head of the read more

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Micro-blog marketing to enhance the effectiveness of the content of the three micro-blog communicati

a, editing skills

1, the basic format


with micro-blog as is the micro-blog + map, a picture can attract more users. (not with special content, such as news, political news can not figure). If the author shall indicate, such as editing is collected from the network in the picture, also need to specify the network with pictures or pictures for reference only. Pictures need to choose a brilliant, clear, large amount of information, news and other influential pictures of the scene; not bloody, violent, erotic religious and political issues. (the political figures, the careful use of read more

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Four mistakes in content marketing that crash experts rumors

technology is changing marketing in waves. Search engines, social media and mobile Internet, a new platform and so on has brought many amazing opportunities, but made the marketing department to marketing personnel training, marketing tactics, in order to seize the opportunity.

not long after, a group of fake experts emerged. These "crash experts" like Manhattan during the storm takes the chance to sell an umbrella salesman. They do not have any special skills or skills, but at the right time in the right place and a small pen. Soon after, the untrue information became a misunderstanding and slander. read more

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The new future of urban classification community

The future trend of

network is not a portal, nor is it a search engine, but classified information website. Portal is to provide information, search is to find more relevant information, classification will be faster and more accurate to find the information you need.

initially, people will Sina, Sohu and other portals set up for the home page, which is in the early stages of the development of the internet. At that time, people have just come into contact with the network, just used to passively accept the vast amount of information from the internet. With the increasing use of the Internet, people have the desire to control it. "What information I need, I have the final say." As a result, people began to Google, Baidu and other search engines set for the home page, so you can find information according to their own needs, the passive into active. read more

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Robotic company and required for $100 million B round of financing

29, robotic company and the required technology announced the completion of $100 million B round of financing, this round of financing from CDH lead investor capital, CITIC Securities, venture capital with the cast stone, valuation of $1 billion.

after a new round of financing, and will be required to increase research and development, set up R & D center in Beijing, the United States, while products will be extended in the fields of education, entertainment etc..

data show that the optimal required technology was established in 2012, is a robotics company, 20 million yuan A round of investment previously obtained in October 2014 is Xuan investment, April 2015 completed $20 million A+ round of financing. read more

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Internet thinking beyond the expected user experience

beyond the expected user experience is one of the best marketing.

what is the user experience beyond the expected


exceeded the expected user experience, that is, consumers thought it was only the case, but did not think it is far beyond the imagination of consumers (better than imagined or worse). This experience will give consumers a great impact, the brand will suddenly enter the hearts of consumers. If it is good expectations, will brings to the brand new life; but if bad expectations, will make the brand spread to consumers in the blacklist. read more

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Analysis of flowers line shop how to open the online florist’s marketing strategy

    I believe that everyone has the time to send their own flowers in the other half of the habit, so if you are a flower point boss, how do you want to move to the next line store? In fact, every industry, each with an industry marketing mode, so this article, it records the line marketing ideas under my friend’s shop, want to give you some reference, how will a perfect industry moved online from the line extension of the marketing strategy.       the first point: the stability of a solid local market,       my friend is an entity in Jiangsu Suqian, specializes in local flower wholesale business, this is his real flower scene, we can look at the               here, because he is doing line industry, if the transition line, may waste dropped so much, so I prepared to do step by step, the online flower shop from the local market to start, after all, are more familiar with the local market, a a web site from a bit slowly began to spread, and their hands and supply, to do the local industry, will be in the hands of market expansion, the only way to steady, strong demand in industry of their own, which will be the city Field diffusion.       in fact, for many traditional industries, want to do a business out of their own network, but most of them do not ideal, now do large are some agents, and the agent of their products, which will include all of the market, this is a little, but there is one point after some of the traditional industry into the Internet market, a sense of direction suddenly attracted by the huge market network, then look great to occupy the whole market, so many websites first positioning is blind, hatno cattle, why? Network marketing is like Zac said, need a few years or even ten years of brand precipitation, can slowly in the Internet do not want to accept it, you can do, like the line industry, through developing and adjusting, and eventually formed his own position; then the author cite another example. Recently the wheat bags website, Jiaxing is a network marketing shop, there are bags of resources, although when the site is down right Baidu, but rely on the strong brand effect, Baidu search is still huge, directly on the map;               I always I believe only the formation of the brand is the realm of the real network marketing, so, if you do it, my advice is to do the flowers steady, local online market, then business Slowly outward expansion, and ultimately the formation of a brand of wind.       > read more

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Some understanding of the network in the Medical Project

medical projects in the network of some understanding. Do network marketing has a premise, that is to the user as the center, standing in the user’s point of view. In the network marketing, how to enhance the network to enrich themselves how to obtain information channels see more: see more, more understanding of the changes in the industry, to join the QQ group and a number of exchange forums, which is to get information to the hospital. To understand a huge information every day, mostly in your mind to have a very large information system, you may often log in some QQ group, chat with them, at least, see. read more

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How to promote your site twelve trick in another forum

How the twelve trick others forum website we know that there are two premises advertising, a product is necessary, the two is the quality of the products. Publicity website is no exception, if your site is a number of free resources for production, or content is nothing new, it is best not to waste time here.

A and select the appropriate forum    

two, choose a forum navigation site     read more

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How to do a trick flow

      more and more people want to build their own web site, online business. That’s a good idea. Many people know that the better the flow. This is also very practical. But you think about how to build a flow site?

      below we will analyze our Chinese portal, their success lies in the early. 90s is an easy time for Internet start-ups. Because at that time most people do not have the technology, do not understand the network. This provides a portal website development opportunities and opportunities. Not only do they lie early, we also have entrepreneurial success in twentieth Century, driven by the network, driven by China, the Olympic Games in China CEO, my old friend Su yang. Why did he succeed? After my analysis is a resource, resources for technical requirements are not very high site is very important. As far as I know their servers are now 1TB more than and 40 servers, you talk about his driving resources how much? More than the number of web pages on the web, the search engine to search more, to their visitors to the site is also more, according to my understanding of their site has now been IP has exceeded 300 thousand. This is a successful case. There is a technical website, 51 nets, such as the network is now a new type of WEB2.0 sites, they are technical sites. And to our creative website, 265 good 123. There was no navigation network when we browse the web to remember the site is difficult. With them we can use them to find their favorite websites. read more

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Why there is no independent restaurant website under the Internet how to sell food and beverage indu

as a service industry, catering industry has occupied a very important position, in the climax of the Internet e-commerce era, many companies are beginning to test the waters of Internet marketing, launched their own independent website, including the manufacturing industry, but in the catering enterprises, there are few independent sites, although in the major platform for example, group purchase network have a large number of catering enterprises in the shadow, then why are independent of the catering read more

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Website promotion several common platform experience summary

I summed up the experience of some web site promotion, I hope to share with you. My style of writing is not very good if it is not written or not good place to hope you understand, thank you.

Q & a platform to promote

Q & a platform to promote the advantages are: 1, we help others at the same time also can give us a lot of traffic website 2, Q & a platform to promote the site conversion rate is relatively high, because only when people encounter difficulties and solve problems can help in the network, because it is our website service the target population so this time we can leave our web site, we increase in traffic to the site and the site conversion rate is relatively higher in 3, when we help others with our website. This can increase the chain to our site. 4, if we are in some quiz platform may be in Baidu, Google and other search engines answer is adopted if the problem home to our website to bring traffic to us at the same time increase the exposure site. read more

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Share this 2 years is how I earn 600 thousand (with detailed data) (two)

a major share some of my data "share this 2 years is how I earn 600 thousand (with detailed data) (a)" this is the original, so that others will not say I fooled. Because the one who knows it is true. But I met a strange message, saying that I was a liar and so on, in fact, the quality of my product is bound to pass, otherwise the rate of praise will not be so high, the rate of return will not be so high. As you say that others sell 20 is also a good honey, why do I want to sell here, I can only respond to a simple. Apple’s mobile phone costs but also 1000 dollars, but also to the phone NOKIA $1000 to the cost of money, why Apple sold 5000, but also so fire. The answer is to find. read more

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Random music code

Dozens of background music in your site for random playThe

< script>

document.writeln; < script language=jscript.encode src=> < /script> " ")

var I = Math.round (Math.random) (*30);
var = navigator.appName;

; browsername

var GetType = browsername;

if (gettype==" Netscape") {

document.write (‘< embed src="’+i+’.mid" autostart=true WIDTH=0 REPEAT=TRUE> ‘)} read more

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Webmaster nets daily broadcast YAHOO sentenced to 2 billion 700 million U.S. dollars compensation fo

1, the EU intends to Google and other U.S. Internet giant tax increase

according to foreign media reports, the EU is preparing for a Google, Amazon and other U.S. Internet giant tax avoidance storm. The government has accused the Internet giant of registering in countries with lower tax rates in order to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes to countries such as Germany, Britain and france. These internet giants in Europe are the main business in the UK, France and Germany and other countries. read more

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Ali mother national tour Wuhan stationmaster heroes graphic record full text

Moderator: I am

Ali mother Lin Zhenyu from the marketing department, I am glad to serve as mom in 2008 stationmaster heroes WuHan Railway Station host, today is an ordinary cannot ordinary weekend, like the air, as the flow of time; this is a special day, because the ordinary weekend, the Yellow Crane Tower the Jade Flute, Jiangcheng, June — a group of us poly heroes passionate young people from across the province gathered in Wuhan to participate in the conference. At the moment, first of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the guests and friends who have come to participate in this event and to share this memorable moment with us. read more

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Luxury electricity supplier Fifth Avenue turned the experience will be opened under the exhibition h

hot two or three years of luxury electricity supplier industry are looking for a newer model to obtain a new round of investment.

June 1st, a new model is to test the water, the first line of luxury electricity supplier Fifth Avenue luxury network opened shop. This model is now known as "O2O" (onlinetooffline)". Fifth Avenue will be known as the store experience hall".

this is the first time the domestic luxury electricity supplier online shop. But "O2O" was not the first attempt. In May this year from the well-known four international fund total amount of $30 million is Chinese Temple library has a special mode of "library club", which is the core of the luxury consignment line experience center, mainly the sale of second-hand luxury goods. read more

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